Saturday, November 17, 2018

Got There In The End


I get up early, as I’ve got an opticians appointment regarding my contact lenses. They do a thougher check and I’m sent on my way advising that my left one needs to be slightly stronger and they will retry me on daily's, although they may not work. I advise that I believe we have tried this before, and she checks their notes. There is nothing on there to say it but does not the dailies do not come in quiet the right prescription. She also advises I can bring back the draw full of lenses I have in none opened boxes to have them swapped for the newer prescription.


Following this I head to Coventry with my dad and mom to start the car hunt. For once though I ask politely if we can use my dad’s car instead of the hire car as there maybe some driving involved. We headed to have a look at this car. Like mine a high miler, will it have been looked after? There are things wrong with the front suspension they admitted when I called and asked if there was anything I should know.


Looks nice, and if you notice it even has a sunroof.


The thing is this side of the car and in the photos the car looks nice. But on the other side and the alloys it is not so good. No built in Sat Nav, No towbar. And in reality the cars paint job isn’t as good and shiny as in this photo.


Inside the car is immaculate, very, engine seams fine apart from one thing. The smoke from the rear. Lots of smoke, smoke smoke smoke. I leave the engine running which is running fine, and no smoke at idle. We jack the car up and take a look at the suspension. Looking at it the pinch bolt is in good enough condition to allow the suspension to be rectified. So the dent is a an issue awkward to fix, but isn’t the only dent. The fuelling issue though, is it the injectors? Is it one of the temperature sensors at fault telling the ECU to over fuel. I flick of the accelerator pedal and there is a cloud around us. Without fixing the fuelling issue it would never have a hope of passing another MOT. As a project car I could do something with this. As a car to buy to use now as a commuter, its not on. I hand the keys back, pick up the phone, there is only one other to look at until we start a random search. I call the dealer in Sunderland area up.


It is some distance to go, and hence why this car hasn’t been consider by me, that and I don’t like the colour. This northern area always seam to take longer to get to than Scotland, however today, we really could do with getting there before its dark.


Knocking an hour off the satnav suggested time we arrive at 3:30. And it is still light up here, just. In real life the Green is darker and nicer.


And I like it in the flesh. I think they call it Citroen Green, only not in Citroen.


Even the alloys are not kerbed.


The double boot hatch does not work, but who ever has modified it has done the right thing and rejigged it to only open as a hatch. This isn’t a problem for me. And there appears to be no rear end damage, so this is just part of the common boot hatch failure so many have. At least the hatch opens.


The engine bay hasn’t been steam cleaned and she purrs nicely.


And my mom churps up its got a cream interior you like so much as well. Yep I reply, I wouldn’t have come all this way if not.


So this car wouldn’t be to everyone tastes, but for me I can sort out the oddities. The dashboard light that is illuminated, the single key and the non existent spare wheel like so many cars these days.


Welcome to your retire meant leg, and after an hours test drive


a deposit is left and the car is brought indoors for closing time. They are all eager to leave and go home.


As the sea is about a minutes drive away we head that way.


We park up and go for a walk, for it is tea time, and it would be nice to get some tea before the 4 1/2 hour drive home at a more leisurely pace.


We find a sit down fish and chip shop that does pizza’s,


And look what to order.


Ah I think I’ll have


A adult haddock supper meal. It is good, it is tasty, is is filling. It is just right.


And so the journey home begins, I sit in the passenger seat and have a power nap


While munching the financial figures over in my head. I could have really done without buying that new clutch and ski holiday now. I think I might be screwed.


We stop at Weatherby services.


The last time I was here was when I was visiting a dogging site up north once. Oddly enough I’m not the only person in the office to have been to that dogging site.


We enjoy our drinks and then I drive us home at a leisurely pace, I can’t tell you how tired I am and how much it will be nice to go to bed.

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