Saturday, November 24, 2018

Red Warnings


I get up, I’m actually still tired. I take the hire car back and the chap there shows me what happened to his car in the week. It was a very interesting angle. They are happy with the car and that is that, now with some 3400 miles on the clock.


I head over to the parent to see the motor and to look at what I have brought in the day light.


I open the bonnet and look closer.


I take the cam cover off to look at the condition of the belt. Someone has been here before me though as one of the clips is undone.


Having taken the cover off you can't actually see the toothed side of the belt where it is important to check for cracking. One thing is for sure, it hasn’t been replaced recently. I put the cover back on and see why the last person did put it back on right. I now have scratched hands to reach the one that had been left undone.


I undo the eight, yes eight screws holding the air filter cover in place. This will be interesting,


Wow this looks clean. And so to the inside of the car and the cabin filter.


I take the panel off from the footwell, remove the cover and give it a gentle tug.


Oh man.


Well as expected that needs changing.


I go and get the PC and VCDS lead. Now lets see what the computer knows is wrong that we do not.


Oh my so many red lines of text.


I delete the codes and tell it to reset and


then it freezes goes to pot and worse still all the dashboard lights come on, I unplug it. I turn the key and it doesn't;t start, but again the dashboard goes mad. Dam it what has happened?


What has happened is the battery has died. Considering the 4 hour journey of yesterday it should be fully charged. We jump the battery from one car to another and everything is working again.


I quickly order a replacement from Eurocar parts. I note they are doing a 50% off black Friday promotion with the code being black Friday. I also note the prices are double and end up paying £103 for a battery, which is what I would expect for a branded battery.


Out with the odd and


in with the new.


A turn of the car and the car is running. I delete all the error codes and prepare to use the car to see what errors come back, noting that a lot of them said under voltage, and this faulty battery will hopefully have caused them.


The cat seams happy enough. That is a good thing, and then my parents and brother shopping in the car to give it a good run.


Whilst doing so I update the maps to Version 7 from about 2010.


When I get back I get out the old sat nav discs from my Mk1


And put them on ebay, No need for them now. And with that I pack away and go home, I’m still very very tired and could do without knowing what the errors are so I can sleep tonight.

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