Saturday, November 10, 2018

It Was My Fathers


I get up and enjoy a fine breakfast before heading over to T2T car sales. And here is the car we have come to look at.


In real life it looks even more like the dream car I am looking for, a replica of the Mk1 had. I like the outside colour a lot and inside was great. The salesman advised it was his fathers car. Wow I like the look of this car…..


The car though isn’t all it seams, it would appear the description has something missing from this car. The bonnet catch appears to not want to open properly, but once open the catch, when looking at it appears to operate correctly, so what is wrong?


The front wing that we are looking at, is not the original. It is a painted replacement.


And the sill if you rub your hand down it is indentated below the middle of the drivers door. The drivers door card has been messed with and the window, while the motor operates the window itself does not go up or down. Is this even the original door? The paint job is good but that indentated sill? I look under the sill and see that what ever has happened to this car, hasn’t been repaired with great attention. So one wonders how big the bump has been and has it disturbed the front wheel geometry. The fact the sill is done so shoddily and the other side of it is as bad, this car was not to be brought.


Yet inside was so nice.


I hand the keys back, this isn’t the one, the dearest I have looked at, the nicest looking, but most likely the worst buy of the lot.


And with that head to Sainsbury's for a hot drink and to complanate the 300 mile journey back home.

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