Sunday, November 18, 2018

The Big Jump


I wake up eventually, and when I do, it feels like I’ve been dreaming all night about driving. I put on some Awsome music using the CD player and then get the vacuum out and do some house work.


A while later I put on the first disc of season 8. But hold on what is going on here, have I missed something? Is it because I’m using the DVD player instead of the PS4?


I am at a loss.


Mean while upstairs…


The cat is wandering why I’m taking photos of her again.


She is so sweet.


Some time late I am sitting in a bar with my brother.


He explains about Christmas, and that one year at Christmas they did a 3 episodes of Doctor Who in-between season 7 and season 8.


Well that explains that. And with that I fill my face, er I mean belly.


Back at home I buy the said missing 3 episodes.


Which is when Alan texts to advise they are on iplayer anyway. By the looks of it, they are all on iplayer.


And so I watch the missing buts that now I watch I recall. Ah look there is Tom Baker…….and drift off to another place, anther time…

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