Sunday, November 11, 2018

What’s In The Bag?


I wake up, no in my home, but another home, I wake up with a bad head, its my head, and once up I sit down, down on the sofa. Les is on the other sofa, he makes e a cup of teat and some breakfast. I say to him, you know we had a lot to drink last night. Yeah about five he replied. I don’t think so, think about it. I had nine, and you, you had more!


Sometime later after getting the cat some food from Morrison's, I get home home, to my home. There has been a delivery. I wonder what is in the bag.


Shockingly the cat is happy to see me.


Very happy in fact. I give her some cat time, and leave her purring.


I head outside into the wilderness of the back garden, as that is where my head wants to be. I take with me the bag.


And I take out of the bag, a rose. Which rose I’m not sure, I ordered it a long time ago.


I dig a hole and burry it, maybe to never be seen again, but hopefully to be seen again and to be blooming lovely.


Hopefully this arch will look lovely next year, hopefully.


I put a poly bag over my polyanana, for the winter.


Sow the poppy seeds


and mow the lawn on last time maybe.


It all looks tidy once more.


And with that I do next doors lawn too. So much better now.


and then I head round my parents for some Sunday dinner.

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