Saturday, December 01, 2018

An Ordinary Day


Depending on the weather I was planning on doing some drive work today. But with the head, the tiredness, and something else occurring, that meant the plan was off anyway. Instead I was going to have my mo for the day, and that wasn’t a bed thing anyway.


I went over to the parents house where the green mean machine was sitting.


The rain beading off her.


While my mom gets changed  I take the moment to swap over the cabin air flter. At least we will be able to breath as much as the engine.


As I look down I see something you do not see every day.


Wow, the coral of the land.


At Cannock, where there is no Christmas tree as the council have pulled the plug on it and the lights, we do a bit of shopping, banking and then


go for lunch. Which is a good thing as I only had a banana for breakfast.


It’s been a while since we have been here and a nice dinner it was too.


As he original plan is off, I take us both to the Barbers.


And I look better once more.


We head to Argos where, I select my item, pay for it and then instantaneously get told I’ll have a four minute wait. We go and sit down.


Having worn my mom’s legs out she tells me she needs a cup of tea.


However I beg to differ and wat she really wanted was a cream scone. So dam yummy.


We head to Iceland to get some food from the globe and even find on the shelves Christmas tree Crips.


Once at home and all the food is packed away, I slip a disc in and wait to be entertained by a very old film.


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