Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ready To Roll


This is it then, she is ready to roll. And so we do.


The mechanic sent me the parts back that came off the car.


I have a nose. They all look good.


And that cam belt looks okay, its not the original, its a gates, but who knows when it was put on. I guess this is all for the recycling bin then.


And so the car preparation is done. So the costs in total:

Car cost to buy: £3000

Insurance pay out £1300

Battery: £103

All rear bulbs replaced: £10

Door mirror indicator replaced £0 (had a spare luckily)

Sat Nav Maps Updated £25

Gearbox oil change: £20

Oil £26.73

Plug for sump £1.14

Air Filter £7.62

Fuel filter £13.08

Cabin filter £6.60

Front Brake pads £27.85

Front Discs £96.76

Timing Belt kit £98.64

Water pump £46.20

Alternator Pulley £35

Auxiliary belt £14.35

Auxiliary damper £42.87

Coolant replaced £12

Labour (not me LOL) £280

Total cost to replace car: £3871.49

Minus £1300 is:

£2571.49. Great considering I never wanted to change my classic Skoda Km1 Skoda Superb in the first place. That life though and this car we wil have many adventures again, so let rock and roll…

Although I have a feeling I wish I’d never booked that ski holiday. Nah on second thoughts……

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