Saturday, December 22, 2018

That’s The Christmas Shopping Done


Yay the first day of the Christmas holidays. High on the list of things to do is getting some outstanding presents, then wrap them, then get them delivered.


Mean while the postman deliveries. One of the things is this letter from Telefónica. It would appear they owe me 1p, and this have sent me a cheque in the post. Could they have not just given it to me as credit on my phone? Luckily I am going to the bank this morning anyway, so as luck has it, I can deposit it into my account instead of confusing the accountants their end.


Some time later, I have got in the car and driven to the main town center car park. As I wander by I have always wandered what actually is through the door with Chase Game written on it?

And now I know……


Luckily for the cat she will get a present early. I’m not sure she will like it, but when I get back she can play to her hearts delight, if she wants to.


I head to Jessica’s to get my grocery. Only the famous Jessica’s is no longer Jessica’s. It has changed it’s name to Fletcher’s.


Luckily the fruit and veg has not changed and it is still fruit and veg.


At least it has not closed down.


I take the car round to Wickes to finish off the  Christmas shopping. I believe this is probably the limit of weight for the car, 6 bags of cement,4 sand and 4 MOT. What will you be getting for Christmas?


I put it on the play pile and


Cook some tea. For a change I’m in the mood for a glass of red wine. Yes wine!


Initially I sit down and see if I can find something on the TV to watch. And then remember what else came in the post.


This game cartridge. No normal cartridge, a cartridge with 101 games on it for the SNES. One issue with it though. It’s for an NTSC SNES not a PAL SNES.

Brought from here:


Which means it will not fit in the cartridge slot. I think for a moment? Can I take the body of the electronic board and fit it directly in the console? Will it work? Will it have the same slot interface? I get some small screw drivers and pry the two half's of the body apart, pulling through the two security rivets. Yes there is two parts of the body and the electronic board. Now lets see if it will fit in the SNES?


Once I establish which way round the cartridge board goes in, it fits in nicely. Do I press the power on button? Will it shag my SNES? I press the power on button.


At first the screen remains blank even though the console red power light has come on….


And then the game selection screen comes on.  YAY


I select Turbo Esprit First to play.


Then Super Mario World.


Then Indiana Jones


oh yeah


Then the impeccable Choplifter III


Yeah this is SNES amazing.


ahhhh Arkanoid


How wonderful.


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