Friday, December 07, 2018

The Big Clear Up


Although I’m doing a four day week, one way or another I had to get up for my 9am.The weather is so bad I go to the town center in the car! I’m there for 9am as instructed. After a trail with the new lenses, they are happy to let me have the old ones as usual. I post a package and then head home, there is work to be done.


Luckily the weather clears up. I remove the stones from the garden and put them next to my pool. Next to start the big clear up. We need to get rid of the piles of rubble that have accumulated. I put the MX5 number plate on the trailer and hitch them up. Who says the MX5 is an impractical car.


Although I’m not sure what weight she can safely handle being a light sports car.


As it happens it does about 3/4 full okay and that's enough. And off I go to the tip. I do 4 tip runs, at £9 a trailer of rubble. I think that's enough arm exercise for the day and call it quits.


For the rest of the evening it is time to relax.


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