Sunday, December 16, 2018

Unexpected Achievements


As predicted by the weather report it is sunny and nice this morning, and it is going to stay this way until mid day. I decide to do some tidying up. I move the car and get to work.


It’s time to tidy this stuff up, I have many pavers left, which I have a plan for, in the mean time….


And see this view many times.


Eventually my building station in the back garden is created. Now organised and tidy. It might well be a while until some of this is used.


I have plenty of slabs to dispose of one way or another. There are 15 ready for immediate dispatch come disposal.


My dad turns up and the plan for the rest of the day, which was to get the christmas tree out changes to do the other edging side of the path,


I know this side is going to be harder than the other because of what is hidden in the ground.


At first my dad asks me to only make a narrow trench.


However when this does not work out,


He requests the trench to be made wider.


This mean some serious excavation. I use the big bags to keep things tidier, one for soil extract and one for rubble.


We find a metal pipe that is cut, the original gas pipe for lighting in the early 1900’s perhaps?


I dig down until we get to a blue membrane, but in fact it is not, it is a perfectly laid out carpet. And under it slabs, and concrete. I smash it out with the big daddy sledge hammer. I’m not sure how come there is now so much rubble in the bag but not such a big looking hole in the ground.


I am knackered and call it a day.


Look at all that rubble I’ve got to get rid of again.


Thankgod the work day is over. I am exhausted. I have a bath for an hour, while me tea cooks in the over.


An before I put my car back on my drive, I take it for a ride in the darkness around the beautiful area of Cannock Chase.


A while later I'm sat on the sofa with my wiry arms,


wondering that the space I had made yesterday for the Christmas tree will actually get filled?


Somehow I find the energy to get into the loft. Man its icy cold up there. A while later it was all Christmassy.


And I settle down and watch some Christmassy tv.


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