Friday, January 11, 2019

BCA Again?


I made, its always a dash, but here I am, I’m at the electrified station without any electrified trains.


An oil burning comes, and I get on it, it would be mad to wait for an electric one, that would be a wait, that would be, but the wires look smart.


I’m heading south, and hence the empty seats, its Friday night and everyone will be heading north from Birmingham, but thats not where I’m going.


I’m going to my favourite pub with many pulls.


And here I am joined, by friends, we sit, we chat, we drink, life is happy here, life is good. I don’t want to leave, but we will have to I guess.



On the train I get, off the train I get, I pee, I walk and I keep walking and yes I’m strong, I don’t nip into the curry house. Wow unbelievable.

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