Saturday, January 19, 2019

You Have No Idea What I’m Looking At


I get up early, there is a lot todo today.


I head around my Grandads to clear somethings out and take some things to others that may need them. The house is eerily empty, knowing after after all these years it will be emptied and then the end, the end of where I grew up.


There are a few plants I will be digging up before the house gets handed back to the council.


As ever the MX5 and trailer come in handy, and off to my uncles I go with this, another load to the tip and so on.


Later in the day there is just enough time to put right what the dealer did wrong on my dad’s car and it needs doing now not later. The oil filter they fitted at the last service is leaking oil but why? And look at this.


What a write pain to get out. Mine was so much easier, considering it is meant to be the same engine. What I get the one that is fitted out, when the fitter put it in, the top o-ring was incorrectly done. I fit the new one, put new o-rings on it and put all the gubbings back on above the oil filter. Unlike on mine where the access is easier this is a pain.


So here is the engine in my dad’s car and


This is mine. I have a aluminium intake, hence it is silver.


Next I change my wheels. Why I here you ask?


Well this is the car before with its 18ich alloy wheels on.


And these are VAG alloy wheels of a size that are fitted to the superb if you a have Greenline or low spec or business car version.


So the 16” wheels give you more rubber between the wheel and the road which improves ride quality, a whole 2” of rubber that would be. But this also means when you hit a pot hole there is enough rubber to take the punishment without killing the tyre. They are slightly thinner, that is 1” thinner, which improve MPG, hence they are fitted to the Greenline versions, and also road noise is reduced inside the cabin. Most of all though they are cheaper, so rather than £130 quid each for the 18” tyres, these 16” premium brand Goodyear 4 Season tyres are £82. You can use the 16” wheels with snow chains too.


And so I change them one by one.


Some time later and the car looks like this.


Not as good as the 18” wheels but then I won’t see them from inside the car.


And look at that tread.


ooh look at that.


Can you see what it is I’m looking at?


And with that I pack up. I’m tired, very tired. In fact I go home and then head to the fish and chip shop where I get haddock and chips. Luckily I had no dinner today so I have managed to stay below the calorie allowance line. Yippppee and go to bed for a while before getting back up.

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