Sunday, February 10, 2019

Fresh Air


Today it was meant to be raining, only it wasn’t. Today I was going to plant my grandad’s plants, but first I sat outside in the sunshine and had a bacon sandwich in the fresh air. A cup of tea and then I planted the plants. In fact it was so nice I tied up the garden, got rid of the brown plants and cleaned the beds out. I filled a one tonne bag full of dead plant. Which got moved to the brown bin, which got moved to the pavement for collection in the morning. As I look around, the garden is wintery but nice, the snowdrops have grown back this year. I think the garden is going to look good, although the polyannea may have died from the cold. We will see.


I also saw the neighbour about the fence and gate, they were okay with me taking it down and rebuilding it, although it may be some time for the resurrection.


But I’m still in construction mode and the back of the drive will be started again soon.


After 5hours of fresh air I come in for a rest and to listen to the planets.


I love a bit of classical music.


And these days I hear it better anyway, so a double plus.


And with that a bit more fresh air. I wash the car


and admire that new badge. How small things make a big difference.

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