Thursday, February 14, 2019

Hold On A Minute


This wasn’t how it started, this wasn’t even planned, this was several hours latter.


I only came round to take the computer desk down, leaving the cupboard, but while doing it and looking around I thought to myself, they said a double bed was being delivered. But if a double bed is being delivered then surely not just the desk has got to go, but everything..surely they have not thought this out. I stand back and then go and talk it over. When I say talk it over I present them with the situation they had not thought about properly. Trying to then explain that the room will actually require emptying is something else. Explaining it needs doing now went down badly.


I did however find the remote control.


So a lot of it went straight into my dad’s car ready to go to the tip, the rest was put in the other bedroom for sorting out for the charity shops.


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