Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Key To Life


I pull up, somewhere near Sutton Colfield. But not in Sutton Colfield. If the address had said New Oscott I would have known where this is. But here I am.


I’ve come here for reason. a specific reason.


What can we do for you they ask. I’d like a spare key and remote fob please and it programming for the car. Well you’ve come to the right place. And it certainly looks like it.


I have a seat on the sofa for a while, the chap says he’ll be with me in ten minutes or so and I should move the car to the front of the shop where it can be programmed.


£100 quid latter the car is programmed and I have a second key that works.


The reviews were as good as the service, and they were busy, as in very busy, and they were helpful to all the customer who came in.


When I get home I plug in the VCDS and get rid of all the red messages that had been caused by the programming of the second key. Delighted there was no red messages from anything else. I then switch on a few things with the VCD’s and leave the car.


For I have something else to do, I have 7 alloy wheels to clean and then put on Ebay. So here is a 17” from my Skoda Superb Mk1.


And here is another 17” from my skoda superb Mk1


And here is a 16” from my dad’s Skoda superb Mk1


And then we have the 18” wheels from my Skoda Superb Mk2.


And another


And another


And another. I need to get these sold to help pay towards the 16” wheel and tyres I brought form my Mk2 superb. Wow what a difference they made. I won’t be going back to bigger ones. After many hours of putting these on Ebay and head home.


There I find miss cute has taken a liking to my travelling rucksack. God knows why. Surely it smells mainly of swimming pool.


She is happy though and that is all that matters.

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