Saturday, February 23, 2019



I wasn’t doing this, I had considered doing this, but then considered that today should be an relaxing day.Afterall I was having my mom in the morning and going shopping and having some dinner with her. Last night though, I had thought to myself, one more advert on Freecycle can't do any harm. And at 3:30pm I had someone how would take 12 of the slabs. And so the scruffs quickly went on to pull the last few I was planning to tip, and then leave them at the front of the drive. When some came to collect them shortly after they turned up in a Citreon C1. Oh wow.


I helped arrange the car so that the seats would fold down, and the car took 6, due to the weight. And in the aid of getting rid of them I went to their place to help unload. I don’t think they realised how heavy they were going to be. Two trips later and I have the square patch opened up.


I take the moment to open up the border and flea quickly to ASDA to get some compost.


Hopefully with a bi more soil the plants in this border will do better.


Rather than persevere.


I put some feed on the roses that's going to have to last them.


Grow well my friend, grow quickly.


Yes plans, got to sort out the fence and gate.


Note really looking forward to doing that.


So on my shopping spree I got a few things.


I’m at that age where I can go brown.


And some new bed linen will be nice.


And yeah, this will be great for the spring.


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