Friday, March 29, 2019

MayDay MayDay


Today Mr's May said we would leave Europe, but I can hear her screeching something else today, from here, which she had not screeched before. And yet we have not. Life on planet earth is odd.In Star Trek they had The Undiscovered Country. In Star Wars it was how it all began.

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Here in Britain we have yet to get blue passports. I wish they'd hurry up mine needs renewing. After all I imagine UKIP will be doing very well at the next elections. The world is your oyster but Mars is only a stones throw away.


Mean while in the garden, while Mrs Mays reputation sinks, something is sprouting up here and there.


The garden makes me smile. In the borders


we have life.


We have beauty.


Talking of beauty, after feeding the flowers, I wash he car, the car that was very dirty.


Wow I think it is green once more.


One day we will go to fields a far, we may just need that passport, blue, green or even a shade of pink.



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