Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Sock Amnesty


Oh wow I have lost 5Kg at last. Another 5 and I’ll be happy, so that will take anther 3 months I guess unless I stop eating.


Meaning while at dinner time I study the bar code on the can. It means nothing to me so I point the loss it app at it it. Pizzazzzz.


Back at home I decide to have a sock amnesty. I can only have this sock amnesty as I have brought some new socks. And this means getting rid of the pants ones I never wear anyway and


Putting in few new ones I will wear. I will won’t I, I mean why wouldn't I?


Taking the sock draws out of the cabinet results in a bedroom turnaround.


Yep back to how it was, before it was. I like it this way better.


The cat however is not happy about the change.


Thus I go to bed


and enjoy the view of my snowboards…

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