Saturday, March 16, 2019

Switched Off


The postman had come all the way from Greece. Yay a controller for my Atari 7800 at last. It would appear though, good working condition = non working up button. And so they get bad feedback. Afterall its incorrectly described.


The project of the day is to wire the power supply for the dash cams for my MK2 Skoda Superb. The mobius dash cams have been sitting in a draw since the demise of the Skoda Superb Mk1. So lets get to it, what we are going to do is piggy back off an exciting fuse. And so we open the fuse box cover.


Here is the inlay for the fuse box, but as its German Engineering what you need to remember is this card is back to front. Having read up on the internet about where to piggyback from, they all seam to suggest to use the fuse for the cigarette lighters. To me and you that is fuse 35. 


But don’t forget it is back to front. It is the the fuse that is grey 25Amp.


Now in a way I pondered why people suggested using this fuse. But since I have located the electrical diagram and it does suggested that the cigarette lighters are on a switched power supply, which I thought they were not.


I wire up the power supply using a good quality cigarette light socket, piggy back fuse holder, and a double high powered USB socket.


All very neat and tidy.


However as I thought, the cigarette lighters on this car are all powered constantly. Something I don’t want, as I want the cameras to come on only when the ignition is on, and they do take 2.1Amps each. So having them on when the car is not running is going to drain the battery.

I study the electrical diagrams some more and the next best solution looks to be the window wipers. They are on a switched circuit, along with the rear one.


I find the rear wiper fuse, where there isn’t a fuse in place, this car is a saloon, but the top clips for the fuse are in place.


So I connect he piggy back in place and put the piggy back fuses in. Low and behold the supply is switched with the ignition. All I need now are some new 90 deg USB leads for the camera ends.


While I’m at it, I start on replacing my MX5’s stereo's amplifier in the boot. Out with the old faulty one and….


in with the replacement.


Making sure all the wires are put in neatly.




And play with the cat.



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