Thursday, March 14, 2019

Totally Tangerine


I get home today to find the parcel man has been. In my living room there is now 4 trees, as in large twigs, 20 bedding plants and two totally tangerines.


I get out the soil, I get out the pots, I get a lot of mess in the kitchen. As for the 4 twigs, I put them outside.


Once that is done I open a square parcel. It is exiting it is Atari’s 32 in 1. But this is not quiet what you or I expect.


I take the fire apart. The pound land bulb did about two months and now its not lighting up. Out come the coals. In goes the new poundland bulb and I have a twiddle with the flame maker.


I put the coals back on and turn it on. Oh wow the flame maker is working once more.


And with that I settle on the sofa once more and put on a Ricky series that I’d been watching.


Sometime later.


The series was over. It ended, it ended on a high.

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