Friday, April 05, 2019

The DJ Is Dead


I arrive in the house of love, but I am alone. For a while. The journey here was a pleasant one. I used the T6 and then above Stoke the M6 is finally four lanes. Alan appears with his bike. Apparently we are late and need to head off for the train.


This isn’t where we were coming to. This wasn’t on the agenda, Yes we managed to just catch the train. Yes we got on the train, no we never made it to Manchester. Did the train ever make it to Manchester. After a treacherously slow journey I suggested to Alan we live dangerously and get off at the next station and find a pub. He obviously liked the idea of living dangerously and agreed. Out of the station I looked around, we were living dangerously, we quickly hide in this bar.


We went to the back of the house bar, where it was once a house, and now a bar that is like sitting in Alan and Zoe’s front room, only there is a bar. Out back in the garden area, that isn’t a garden area, there is a man with a deep fat frier, creating some kind of food, I think they call it street food, but in the back garden, so it should be called back garden food. While I get the food Alan goes to the bar. While Alan is at the bar, I take said food to the bar, walk past him and sit opposite him. I’m watching him, I’m watching him pick the two pints up and heading out of the bar to the back garden, that isn’t a back garden, with a man who is cooking street food that isn’t street food but back garden food. Where has my pint gone!


When I say gone, I meant going going gone.


After I called him on my phone, my beer did make a reappearance. My food though once eat did not. Be it a good thing or bad thing, although really it was a bad thing as it was salted beef which for my tinnitus is a very bad thing.


I liked it here.


And Alan told me how much he was enjoying my company.


How ever Alan told me he wanted to take me to an art exhibition.



God knows what he was talking about. But he did want to move on.


And so he took me to see a dead DJ.


I kid you not, it was a dolly, I’m not sure if it was one of those sort of dollies, but it definitely wasn’t breathing. I know because I went up to dolly and asked for a request.


Alan once more told me how much he was enjoying my company.


We caught the 195, and by that I mean, we stood stationary, at a bus stop, that was stationary, and when the bus comes, it is stationary too. Which is a good thing, as that mean the two stationary people could move onto the stationary bus, which would then move, although we would then be stationary on the bus seats, but actually moving. Where we moved to was the Blossoms


Somewhere once in I would want to move from.



Which is odd, because we split here. I went to Italy, I believe he went to bed. But I’m not sure.



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