Thursday, May 16, 2019

Yes Babe We Are Expecting A Delivery


I get up and make some breakfast. Porridge as it happens. Thats how it always happens. However it does mean the calories I count for the first meal of the weekdays is the same and easy to work out.


While I eat said such, I browse the wooden structures fact open int he middle. What do I fancy? And then I notice something. I notice something move. And bob.


She is perched onthe window cill. Something that is unusual, unusual in that she has done it, while I am here, unusal in that she normaly doesn’t come down in the morning.


Thats right babe, we are expecting a delivery.


Some time later when I arrive home, there has been a delivery, 1 tonne of pea shingle, blocking the driveway, 2 trellis panels, a fence panel and a gravel board. I get to work moving the gravel. It gets tot he point of I’m not sure where to move the gravel to. I know I needed a lot, but I also knew I didn’t need a tonne. A while later it is distributed, and the car is back on the drive, me with tired arms.


The fence panel is left in a secure place.


And I move the trellis into a postion, where it is roughly going to go.

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